"Dancers face some of the biggest financial challenges of any artists. 'You need a place to rehearse and a place to perform, so you have two burdens of rent on top of where you live,' says artist advocate Esther Robinson. 'And one of the hidden costs is your body—you can’t work if you get hurt.' Robinson spent seven years at the Creative Capital Foundation, a nonprofit that provides artists with funding, but she grew frustrated that the foundation was only able to help a few of the thousands who applied. 'Artists are told that if their work is good, they will be successful,' she says. 'And I didn’t feel like I was witnessing that at all.' She noticed that the artists with the most longevity were the ones who had some kind of asset, like a home, a business or savings—'something they accumulated along the way that allowed them to ride the ups and downs of their artistic practice.' So she founded ArtHome to help artists learn how to manage their money and build those assets. Robinson encourages artists to become self-sufficient, offering these seven tips." Read more at Dance Magazine.