"I started working out with Garnet this past summer once per week with my main goal being to lose weight for my wedding this spring. In the beginning, we started on basics and strength training. Each week I found myself getting stronger and able to do a little bit more. Over the past 10 weeks we've started meeting twice per week and I've started feeling muscles in places that I didn't know existed! My stamina, balance and focus are improved. Garnet is more than knowledgable when it comes to personal training, but she is also professional and realistic with her training goals. She explains each exercise so you understand how to perform it properly but also why it is important.  

For me, I needed the consistency of someone showing up with no possible way to put exercising off. This is where Garnet has made all the difference. She motivates me to work out on my days off and keeps me honest about my goals. There is no time in my life when I have worked out this consistently for this long. Overall, I can't say enough positive things about her service and highly recommend her to anyone looking to improve their fitness level. I am very glad I found her!"

– Jennifer

"Training with Garnet for the last four months has been a wonderful experience! I was looking for a trainer after having my first child and it was proving to be quite a challenge because no one seemed to understand that after delivering a baby even normal walking is a challenge. Thankfully I met Garnet. At our very first meeting she was so thorough in discussing my goals that I knew right away it was going to be a great experience training with her. Garnet's immense knowledge of how the human body functions tremendously helps and makes each exercise worthwhile. 

Moreover, for a mother of an infant who pretty much has no predictable schedule, Garnet's flexibility in scheduling our sessions set her apart as a trainer in my mind. She always had a smile on her face at every session and her demeanor helped me gain confidence in the way I looked and tackle my rough few months with the baby. It's easy to find a trainer that can help you lift weights and show you how to do bursts of cardio, but finding someone that understands your individual needs, and helps you become not only physical but mentally healthy, is very hard to find. Garnet is such a person and I'm lucky to have found her!"

– Aparnaa

"I love working with Garnet. She's always on time, very personable and really knows her stuff. I've seen results very quickly. I always look forward to our sessions. I would totally recommend her to anyone looking for a kind, safe, fun person to train with."

– Emma

"Garnet really helped me when I was having issues with lower-back pain: she showed me some good exercises to practice, and recommended further steps. She was also full of general health advice, ranging from what to keep in mind with regards to food and diet, as well as lifestyle and activity. (Thanks to her, I stand rather than sit on the subway a lot more!) I'd definitely recommend her a personal trainer!"

– Sharang