How gym culture is impacting women’s health — Cheddar Live

Data from the Centers for Disease Control shows that women are less likely than men to get the recommended amount of exercise. Garnet Henderson, Glamour Contributor and Personal Trainer, explains how gym intimidation unevenly impacts women and keeps them from reaching their fitness potential. More at Cheddar.

Wellness Wednesday: Birth Control in the U.S. — All Sides with Ann Fisher

Birth control delivery startup Pill Club publicly accused CVS Caremark of cutting payment rates for mail-order birth control pills, making it more expensive and potentially out of reach for women who can’t get to the pharmacy every month. The feud spawned the trending hashtag #CVSDeniesCare and shined a spotlight on the issue of cost and accessibility in birth control. More than 19 million women in the U.S today report living in an area without access to contraceptives. Guest: Garnet Henderson, New York-based journalist reporting on health and abortion access. More at WOSU.